If you’re looking for a lead magnet that is fun, memorable, and helpful to your audience, but don’t need to psychoanalyze their soul or sort them into 15 categories with branching logic, Quiz Pizzazz is for you.

We’ll work together on a video call to create your impactful quiz, including title, 2-5 results, questions, and answers. You can then choose to add it to a quiz platform yourself, or include the tech add-on to have me build it in your chosen platform and make sure the answers connect properly to the result.

We’ll be working in ChatGPT to design the quiz, with the addition of my AI and quiz strategy knowledge, and your insight about your business. That way, you won’t get a bland cookie-cutter quiz that people feel disappointed taking. We’ll work together to create a memorable quiz that leads directly to what you sell, so you’ll attract highly-invested leads who are ready to buy.

After our quiz creation session on Zoom with ChatGPT, if you choose the tech add-on, I’ll build your quiz for you in your chosen platform. With the add-on, you’ll also get a day of Voxer support to help you pick images and connect your email software.