Get 2 awesome masterclasses for less than the price of one!


The Quiz Factor Masterclass is a 70-minute video training that breaks down the benefits of creating a quiz and offers tips for integrating a quiz into your current or new business. You’ll learn:

Why a quiz is better than other types of lead magnets (and why you might want to do a one-two punch with another type)

How to use a quiz in your business (even if you’re not selling anything yet)

The 3 different types of segmenting and how to use segmenting in a way that doesn’t triple your work

The psychological reasons why quizzes are so powerful

How quizzes lead to increased sales


Quiz Conversion Magic is a 27-minute video training showing you advanced techniques for turning quiz takers into customers. From creating a wonderment moment to using slight of hand to make your quiz seem like it’s reading quiz takers’ minds, sprinkle some magic dust onto your so-so quiz and watch your conversions soar.


You’ll receive immediate access to both masterclasses through my course platform.