Get all of my future digital business products under $100 that will be created through December 2024 (5+ planned).


Total Retail Price: likely $300+ of future digital products



I plan to create 5+ products priced $7-$97, and I expect most will be in the $67-$97 range as I already have many offers under $50. Estimated price for all is $300+, higher if I create more than 5 products. The products will likely be around the topics of quizzes, Pinterest, tripwires, time freedom, and passive funnels.


This future products offer does not include: one-on-one services (including those offered as bonuses or incentives for the digital products), group coaching, Voxer coaching, in-person events, sales or tripwires that temporarily place $100+ products under $100, VIP upgrades, payment plans under $100 for products over $100, business credit, affiliate offers, resell offers, memberships, masterminds, collaborations, MRR and PLR products, stock assets and templates, physical products, or non-business digital products.


However, it does include (business-related and under $100): masterclasses, workshops, live workshops, challenges, mini-courses, courses, audio-only courses, ebooks, guides, workbooks, action weeks for owned products, access to student communities, and Q&A calls attached to owned products.


If you would like a one-on-one bonus/incentive (Voxer days, audits, calls, etc.) or a VIP upgrade for an offer you already get free, contact me for a special price for just the bonus or upgrade.


What if I don’t create 5+ new business products under $100 by the end of December 2024? I feel confident in my ability to do so as I launched 5 products in 2023 and my process is now more streamlined. But I’ll also add some extra motivation for myself with this guarantee: except in the case of my death or severe physical or mental illness (or any other disasters that would restrict my ability to use a computer or the internet for more than a month), for every product less than the 5 promised, purchasers will receive 1 week of one-on-one Voxer coaching (value $1000). For example, if only 3 products are created, purchasers will receive 2 weeks of coaching, which may be scheduled separately.


Why aren’t non-business digital products included? I have some ideas for a personal development business I want to start, which would be an entirely separate venture, so I wanted to be clear that it was not included in this offer if I choose to start it in 2024.