What’s included:

• Up to 1-hour strategy call with me to discuss your business, come up with your quiz idea and quiz title, and figure out which results (up to 5) will work best for your business
• 15 quiz questions and answers mapped to each result (7-12 is best for most quizzes, this will give you flexibility about which to include)
• Bullet points for each of your results (based on our call) that you can flesh out into full descriptions
• Adding quiz results, questions, and answers to your chosen quiz platform and mapping the answers to the results (if you don’t have a platform yet, the questions and answers will be provided in a spreadsheet for you to add later)
• Access to my Zero to Quiz program for future quizzes and ongoing support

After your purchase, you’ll be sent to a form to fill out for setting up the strategy call. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to fill it out now – I’ll also be sending you the link to the form via email.